Little Cards that Make a Difference

I didn’t discover this little card line it found me and I think it has an amazing story behind it.    The students at the Community Transitional School and Gena Biello at Cursive Design teamed together to create these cards.  100% of the proceeds benefit the school.   The CTS students illustrate the cards, and work together to decide on the greeting then they analyze the cost of materials and determine sale prices then sell them to local businesses.   The students also get to decide where and how to invest the card proceeds.  I think it is a great real world lesson in business and it empowers the students to see how they can impact their world. 

The designs are so sweet ( I love the pickles!) and they make a difference!

Cursive Design 016

Cursive Design 009

Cursive Design 010

Cursive Design 014

Cursive Design 012

Cursive Design 017

Cursive Design 018

We also have 3 designs for Christmas!

Cursive Design 015

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