2010 Calendar:Wings

I had to break open my Russell + Hazel 2010 calendar pages today and mark down my first appointment in the new year… while Russell + Hazel is great for clean and simple organization it’s not really something for show especially with my crazy notes and paperclips all over the place.  This gorgeous letterpressed calendar from Benjamin Paul in Seattle looks like a piece of art.  Perfectly beautiful for setting out on your desk or counter for everyone to see.

 Benjamin Paul Calendar 002

Benjamin Paul Calendar 008

Benjamin Paul Calendar 015

Something extra – once the month has passed you can detach the calendar portion and use it as a notecard (the calendar comes with 12 square envelopes to use!) or frame it!  Such a great idea!

Benjamin Paul Calendar 006

Benjamin Paul Calendar 011

Benjamin Paul Calendar 012

Benjamin Paul Calendar 014

Benjamin Paul Calendar 013

Weekends are highlighted and Federal Holidays are  bold.    $24 each

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