The Stamping Sophisticate

After I reached adulthood, I’ve had fewer and fewer excuses to stamp things. Sure, there’s a random bill that needs an address stamp, but it’s just not the same. Emails and resumes just don’t benefit from the type of flair my highschool note-decorating skills can create. Yet finally, sophisticated stamping has become in-vogue!  Plus, this ink works on paper and cloth. Now I can create treat bags and mini gift pouches without having to pretend it was my 5 year-old cousin’s idea the entire time.

xx, Anna

Stamp Treat Bags

Stamp supplies

Stamp on Muslin Bags

Stamp Treat Bags

We offer a fun selection of stamp sets and ink pads from Yellow Owl Workshop, Cavallini and Wee Gallery.  Perfect to making your own cards and treat bags!

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