It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is just around the corner!  Googley eyes, witch’s brew, and monster balls are coming our way.  Over the last decade, it seems, the popularity of Halloween décor, fun and games has skyrocketed!  Fond memories of childhood for me involve home-made cheerleader and princess costumes, an early dinner, and an evening packed with trick-or-treating though the neighborhood, accompanied by good old Dad.  Loads of candy were in store, of course. Yet in our house, after about 3-4 days, the sweets and chocolate were long forgotten as we moved on to the next item of excitement in life…

My favorite part of Halloween, though, which I must admit is still a part of my “grown up” life, is pumpkin carving!  Even though I may obsessively spend hours and hours carving out my intricate haunted house or goblin design, staining my hands orange, and destroying each and every tool in the pumpkin carving kit in my fixated precision, I am always so very proud of my creation!

All that said, this year I am eagerly anticipating some sort of spook in my Halloween, in addition to my jack-o-lantern glow.  What better way then to send along a spooky surprise or note to another.  Maybe I’ll even get really crazy by hosting or attending a goblin-filled costume party.  Whatever my plans are or however you decide to celebrate, stop by Ecru and view the Halloween cards and invitations we have for you.  Send some sort of BOO to your favorite “who!”


P.S. All Halloween invitations are 50% off!

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