Introducing Kathryn

We recently announced some of the wonderful additions to Ecru during the month of August, particularly Kathryn and Ashley.  We enjoyed sharing a little about Ashley, and now we are thrilled to introduce Kathryn!


Kathryn has always appreciated good design—in architecture, fashion, or a beautiful invitation. In her opinion, it is the quality of materials, the thoughtfully chosen detail and the right balance of elements that create an elegant finished product—and Ecru has all these things!  Kathryn loves the interaction with our friends at the store and the creative process of developing a customers’ fledgling idea into something beautiful, whimsical, sweet, or just plain fun.  For her, sending a delighted customer out the door with a wonderfully wrapped package or that “oh so perfect” card is very gratifying.

Kathryn’s favorite item that we currently carry in the store is the screen printed gift wrap by Bell& Union. These beautiful sheet papers have a weightiness and texture that add a unique depth to any package or project.

   (Posted by Ashley)

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