Remembering Father’s Day

“Is today Father’s Day, or tomorrow?” I ask, mind racing. James, my tabby just looks at me and yawns. “I think it’s on a Sunday. But which Sunday? This one or next?” I know what you are thinking…“How could you NOT know when Father’s Day is, Janiece? You work at a STATIONERY STORE!!!” Ugh, I could kick myself. I need a card at minimum. So, I promise, “whatever happens today I will get a card, a stamp and a mail box. Period.”

I fumble inside my purse for my cell phone… no dice. The internet will know when Father’s Day is this year. I jump to the computer. No! No-no-no-no – Down again! “Darn that Comcoster!!!” Remembering I’m a lady and in control of her life; appointments, birthdays and such, I breath deeply and throw my hands up over my head in the poorest example of a Grand Tai Chi. Big exhale.

Now, only slightly dizzy from my attempt at going zen, I can see my dad checking the mail. Yup, there he is on HIS SPECIAL DAY peering into that dark rectangular box only find a lone PGE bill nestled in a nest of Safeway and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. No cell phone, internet down, roommate sleeping, neighbors all oddly on vacation. “WHY! WHY WORLD! WHY!” I’m huffing. I’m several minutes into crying when I wake up to James licking my cheeks. Oh maaaaannnn, I was dreaming. As I turn over to check the alarm clock my eyes fall upon a yellow sticky note on top of my journal: “Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17th. What a relief. I fall back into my pillows. “Oh Sugar! When is Memorial Day?”

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