Frank and Funny Cards by Compendium

Sometimes a straight to the point, hit you in the funny bone kinda-card is just what the doctor ordered for that birthday guy or gal.

The Frank and Funny card line, one of the newest series in the store, is that type of card. The bold designs come complete with one-liners written by professional comedians like, Joe Larson, Art Krug, Elliot Maxx, Dwight York, Greg Schwem, Brad Upton.

These fellas cut right the heart of matters leaving many laughing out-loud. If the simple thought-bubble cover art piques your curiosity, stop by to read the punch lines on the inside.  I would venture a guess that you may enjoy that laugh and know someone else who might, too. Enjoy – Janiece

Cover: “Happy Birthday to the most amazing, smart, funny, and attractive person in the whole world!”
Inside: “Your mom picked out the card.”

ELLIOT MAXX (left) and ART KRUG (right)

GREG SCHWEM (left) and BRAD UPTON (right)

ELLIOT MAXX (left) and DWIGHT YORK (right)

GREG SCHWEM (left) and DAVID CROWE (right)

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