Oh Baby!

I dunno if it’s just me, but pregnant women abound in our neighborhood – the inspiration for this week’s mid-week blog post.

Having no extended experience with pregnant women in my life, I’m pretty naive and in awe of these women who I see from across the counter.

I wonder: how do babies come about anyway?

Is it really by way of stork or parachute delivery? I’m not so sure about that, because  I’ve seen a few customers come in one month barley showing, and the next time, they look as though they could bring life into the world right on the spot! So, when does the aerial performance begin?

Quietly, I appreciate how quickly something so complex as life can come about; however, I’m teeming with questions. I am cautious not to pry as it’s my place to be polite rather than studious while serving our customers. But, if you were to ask me, say, to write a blog post about my innocent bewilderment, I would enumerate with much excitement: “how far along are you?”, “have you picked a name?”, “do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?”, “is this your first?”…

“What? You’re having TWINS!”

If you are beginning life in stereo… we’ve got two just for you.

So, friends and family members of awesome pregnant woman, when your mother, sister, wife or colleague is having her first, second, third or twin children, and you need invitations and/or gifts for the most awesome Baby Shower EVER, we’ve got you covered!

The photos I’ve posted below are a mere sampling of the adorable and often humorous baby cards and stationery we carry (Special props to my boss, LeAnn, for bringing in such cute stuff to the store – I can say that, right?).

So, whenever and however the little tyke arrives, be it by plane, train or automobile, keep us in mind for all your baby stationery needs: from birth announcements, pregnancy to-do lists and baby books – we may have just what you are looking for to make those next few months of mother and fatherhood all the more special.

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