The Story Happening

I return to ECRU, eager after several weeks vacation, to see my many friends and colleagues here at the store. Overwhelmed by the number of you who either stopped in with a “hi and a hug”, or exclaimed “welcome back” in passing, I thought about how special Portland is to me; how rich with personality and personal history. It is with this in mind that I choose today’s blog post to recognize the power of The Story: your story, my story, our story.

Illustrated by Sabrina Ward Harrison, The Story Happening, encourages you to trust your voice, make believe and capture it. The pages are boldly designed to provoke self-expression. You will find pieces of paper ephemera stashed away in the vellum pocket to inspire your process, making this the ideal space to dream big, be messy, and watch how your story unfolds.

Today, I will be taking a copy home with me so I may record my own story of Portland inspired by my return home to open arms. With the help of Sabrina, this should be awesome! Now… where did I put my metallic gold and silver pens? – Enjoy, Janiece

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