Brides and Books! Grooms and Guides!

Are you going to the chapel… tomorrow? Tying the perverbial knot this summer? Maybe you know someone who is? Perhaps you have the role of bridesmaid and are curious to know what that entails? And, let’s get real, knowing the ins-and-outs of moderan bridal ettiquette isn’t something we women and gents are born with. And, it’s not like they made a book about it… Ay Sacre Bleu – they did!!!

Jennifer L. Shawne, Kate Chynoweth, Lane Walker Foard, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, and Shana Faust (all authors of the books and guides featured below) make pre- and post wedding experiences personalized, funny, crafty, and easy in their individual ways. And, if I may insert my personal credo here: life is what you make it. So, if *personalized, funny, crafty and easy sound good to you, then this literature is for you. – Enjoy, Janiece

* P.s. That romantic, elegant, heartfelt, je ne sais quoi of wedding whimsy is a given for anyone who felt my description was a little one-sided. (wink)

Hand crafted details are at the heart of a beautiful wedding – adding charm, meaning and style. In this delightful book, Handmade Weddings (above), Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, the founders of Hello!Lucky, join forces with stylist Shana Faust to bring you over fifty gorgeous projects. Whether you favor a modern classic look or a retro, homespun flavor; you’ll find plenty of crafts and inspiration suited to your taste-from Vintage Key Save-the-Date cards to the delicate Paper-Flower Wreath to Silhouette Bride & Groom Signs.

At the front of the book you’ll find guidance on choosing a look, sourcing materials, and working out timelines. Then, each of the fifty projects is fully explained with photos, how-to-diagrams, and step-by-step directions. (Thank you Moyle and Faust)

Going to the chapel… tomorrow? OK, maybe it’s four weeks, three months, even six months from now, but still-many busy brides today don’t have oodles of time for planning and putting together a wedding. With the Instant Wedding Planner; there’s no reason why you can’t pull off a stylish, inventive and fantastic wedding in nearly any timespan, from first-things-first to last-but-not-least. (Thank you Jennifer L. Shawne)

Being a fabulous bridesmaid isn’t what it used to be-now that the bride’s best friend is the Internet. Fortunately, author Kate Chynoweth (bridesmaid expert with more than a decade of bridal etiquette experience) is here to help you be the best bridesmaid possible. From modern etiquette to high-tech tools that save you (and the bride!) time and money, The Bridemaid Guide outlines everything you need to know to host the loveliest bridal shower, throw an unforgettable bachelorette party, and support the bride on her big day. (Thank you Kate Chynoweth)

Congratulations! You’ve tied the knot. The early months of marriage are bubbing over with magical, one-of-a-kind “firsts”-like that first time the two of you leave the house unintentionally dressed exactly alike, or the first time you notice you both have wedding ring tan lines, or that very piece of junk mail addressed to both of you. Commemorate these wonderful milestones of married life in this quirky keepsake book. Years from now, you’ll be very glad you did. (Thank you, Lane Walker Foard, Chronicle Books)

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