These Little Things…

The following series of stationery and desk accessories were chosen today because each remind me of something special in my life. At times the reference may seem silly, or academic; but all-in-all, it’s how they speak to me – these little things – that makes me feel so big. – Janiece

In college, a friend surprised me with a glass jar like this filled will handmade oragami multi-colored stars; each representing good luck and prosperity. That’s a lot of good luck and prosperity, as her stars were tiny. Today, I can think of several loved ones who could benefit from such a gesture: a little glass bottle, sweetly inspired by Jeannine’s sentiments. And, if stars don’t fit your vision, imagine stems of indigo Forget Me Nots harking back to Mother Teresa.

As my dad used to say, “the eraser is small compared to the lead, because hopefully we don’t make too many mistakes.” The “Translation Pencils” by Design Ideas remind me that I need to keep my brain sharp, and spell better… in English. (wink)

Clipola! What a sight for sore eyes! I bought my first canister over 12 years ago… used them through college; and I still use them. I just can’t bring myself to throw out these unconventionally, clever, sprial shaped paper clips. They hold onto paper tightly and look so cute in the process. What more could I want in an office supply! (wink)

Do you ever wonder who invented this lovely devise? Well, a look at the history of pencil sharpeners shows that the Frenchman Bernard Lassimone was the first to get a patent for pencil sharpeners in 1828. Following his invention, other designers made improvements and refinements… and viola!

Read more about this facinating contraption.

Rubber Bands of all sizes and all I can say is “what kind of music do they play?”

Here’s an upgrade from My Little Pony and ballerina stickers for the adult in me. But, my childlike inclination to adorn penpal letters and special packages with this tape still lives strong!!

To this day, I still catalogue my collection of books. Back in the day, I didn’t have access to such lovely cards and subsisted instead on 3×5 white index cards. Now, I just pull out a “guilty pleasure” set to work.

I can’t help but smile when I see these sticky notes, because I know what I’m going to do with them – Wall. Project. Wall. Project.

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  1. It is sometimes the smallest of things that generate the greatest amount of fulfillment and satisfaction…

    Thanks for sharing.


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