SusyJack* Stationery on Display!

SusyJack* is an independent paper, pattern, and lifestyle collection inspired by living well via the art of personal style. Their items are proudly made in the U.S.A., many of them locally, in New York.
. . . . .
SusyJack* is created by Susan Connor, a designer, artist, and author/editor of the blog Hey Susy. Her inspiration comes from the world of textiles, fashion, art high and low, and sometimes from the hardware store. She grew up in a bohemian New England home, where there was always art on the walls, a project in the works, good food on the table, an abundance of books to read, and an eclectic mix of DIY ingenuity, humor and handiness. She currently lives and works in Manhattan, NYC.

– Janiece

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