Smock – Eco-friendly Elegance!

So who is Smock? 
They are faithful lovers of historic craft (and letterpress goes way back). They have letterpress ink in their veins. But, they are practical idealists trying to make the world a better place right now. This affects everthing they do. They read Walk Whitman (he was a letterpress printer, too by the way) “stuff’d with the stuff that is coarse and stuff’d with the stuff that is fine” (Leaves of Grass). They fall head over heels for heavy cast iron presses. They believe inthe creation of beautiful things. And they want, like you, to feel good about where their beautiful things come from.

Made with Bambo, Smock’s paper is harvested in Thailland without use of pesticides, genetic enhancement or fertilizer. The paper is supplied by local farmers and is not harvested from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated, nor does it come from natural forests that have been converted to plantations.

2011 Specials!
Free outer invitation envelope printing on Smock bambo envelopes on Wedding Invitations. Limit one promotion per order. Valid through December 31st, 2011.

FREE 3-day shipping on everything!

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