New:Chloe B Wedding Invitations

Just in today – new wedding and save-the-date samples from Chloe B.  









Stop in and check them out!

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5 Responses to New:Chloe B Wedding Invitations

  1. ashleyee says:

    Where can I get these????

  2. ashleyee says:

    Would these be offered anywhere they can print the Chloe B?

  3. ashleyee says:

    Oh thank you so much! Do you happen to have a number for these that you have pictured here? When I go to carlson craft i can do a product search and find them that way if you can give me the number…I’m in North Carolina but I appreciate your help very much!

    • papergirlpdx says:

      My apologies, I just looked at the Carlson Craft website under the Chloe B in the products page and they do not have the complete album shown. I don’t seem to see these new invitations listed. Here are the item #’s as they are shown in my post.
      Yellow #CRN9680-87. Blue #CRN9682-96, Green w/G #CRN9681-233, Tan #CRN9698-99, Green in Folder #CRN9683-87. If I can answer any further questions please let me know!

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