Stonehenge Designs

One of the first lines I bought for Ecru, when I opened the store was Stonehenge Designs.  I think the cards are a perfect fit for the store and what’s even better is that Jacquie, the owner of Stonehenge, is my wonderful next door neighbor.

For 12 years Jacqueline Jones of Stonehenge Designs has been combining her love of photography and quotes in the creation of beautiful bookmark greeting cards.  She has traveled throughout Europe, Cuba and Mexico capturing poignant vignettes which she features on her bookmark cards. This spring Jacquie released a new line of bookmark cards that are greeted for specific occasions with a fun new group of photos and quotes. These are some of her new birthday cards. 

This birthday card with the Oregon Coast photo has been a big hit!

Every Stonehenge card has a bookmark that has the quote on the back – it’s like sending a little gift in every card.

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