Eco-Jot, Eco-Chic

100% Recycled

Everything about these new journals from Canada is 100% green, 100% recycled….

100% recycled

100% post-consumer waste: NO NEW TREES were used.

acid free, processed chlorine free paper + board

made in Canada: “SWEAT SHOP FREE”

glues + inks are vegetable based: therefore biodegradable

journal table

The paper mill uses alternative power: landfill gas is used to generate power for the plant thus it’s clean + affordable.

The inner paper used for the books has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

A portion of the sales from ecojot will go to an enviromental cause.


Now that’s a journal you can feel 100% good about!

Save some “green” and use your Choose Local card and get 15% off all journal purchases.

All statements provided by Ecojot.

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